My calendar workflow.

In past, I didn’t use a calendar that much, after switching to working remotely I wanted to give better visibility to my co workers so they can see what I’m working on. When I was working in office, it was face to face interaction which is actually taking your time and your attention from what you were actually doing.

Step 1 – Schedule everything

^ This is my company calendar I have to hide what are we working on 🙂

Start with adding ‘out of office’  at the end of the day and ‘start work’ event at the beginning – recurring every work day. I usually move ‘out of office’ event to the right time when I finish work and adjust ‘start work’ event when I’m starting my day.

Next, you can add tasks as you start doing them or plan ahead your work. It also works like simple TODO list if someone asks you to do something schedule it for later or next day. If you can’t do something right now move it for later or again to next day.

Besides tracking and simple TODO list, it also pushed my productivity to next level, no more tasks without deadlines.

Step 2 – Synchronise Slack with your calendar

Since the company, I work for use Slack and I get interrupted quite a lot using that tool. I decided to write a simple tool which synchronizes my slack status with the current calendar event. Same thing can be achieved with zapier but I found it after I had a working program 🙂 and zapier sync interval is between 5 and 15 minutes depending on your account plan.

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