macOS High Sierra APFS vagrant NFS issues

Be careful before upgrading to High Sierra and converting your drive to APFS. It breaks vagrant NFS support

It started in my case with issues on Symfony console command cache:clear.

It also was reporting wired things on trying to remove things manually.

Then I found github issue:

Which remains still open.

One of users shared workaround :

  • Open the Disk Utility
  • File -> New Image -> New Blank Image
  • Specify name, size, format as (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • Save
  • Halt your VM
  • Clean /etc/exports (sudo nano -w /etc/exports)
  • Run sudo nfsd restart

In my case, I just cloned vagrant boxes again and started them from scratch and it worked.

Another possible solution is switching to rsync:

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