Jak sprawdzić NIP posiadając profil zaufany.

1.Zaloguj się do https://epit.podatki.gov.pl/ za pomocą profilu zaufanego.

2. Kliknij na swoje imię i nazwisko a następnie przejdź do ustawień.

3. Na stronie ustawień znajdziesz swój NIP i PESEL.

macOS High Sierra APFS vagrant NFS issues

Be careful before upgrading to High Sierra and converting your drive to APFS. It breaks vagrant NFS support

It started in my case with issues on Symfony console command cache:clear.

It also was reporting wired things on trying to remove things manually.

Then I found github issue:


Which remains still open.

One of users shared workaround :

  • Open the Disk Utility
  • File -> New Image -> New Blank Image
  • Specify name, size, format as (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • Save
  • Halt your VM
  • Clean /etc/exports (sudo nano -w /etc/exports)
  • Run sudo nfsd restart

In my case, I just cloned vagrant boxes again and started them from scratch and it worked.

Another possible solution is switching to rsync:


My calendar workflow.

In past, I didn’t use a calendar that much, after switching to working remotely I wanted to give better visibility to my co workers so they can see what I’m working on. When I was working in office, it was face to face interaction which is actually taking your time and your attention from what you were actually doing.

Step 1 – Schedule everything

^ This is my company calendar I have to hide what are we working on 🙂

Start with adding ‘out of office’  at the end of the day and ‘start work’ event at the beginning – recurring every work day. I usually move ‘out of office’ event to the right time when I finish work and adjust ‘start work’ event when I’m starting my day.

Next, you can add tasks as you start doing them or plan ahead your work. It also works like simple TODO list if someone asks you to do something schedule it for later or next day. If you can’t do something right now move it for later or again to next day.

Besides tracking and simple TODO list, it also pushed my productivity to next level, no more tasks without deadlines.

Step 2 – Synchronise Slack with your calendar

Since the company, I work for use Slack and I get interrupted quite a lot using that tool. I decided to write a simple tool which synchronizes my slack status with the current calendar event. Same thing can be achieved with zapier but I found it after I had a working program 🙂 and zapier sync interval is between 5 and 15 minutes depending on your account plan.

How to migrate MySQL latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_general_ci

Looks like simple operation but it took mi some time to figure out correct way of doing this.
Remember before doing any of this operation save plain sql dump in safe place in case you mess up something.

Run on command line following commands

mysqldump -u root -p --default-character-set=latin1 --skip-set-charset table_name > dump.sql
sed -i -e "s/latin1/utf8/g" dump.sql
mysql -uroot -p --default-character-set=utf8 table_name < dump.sql
If you still having problems with encoding you can try to set

default-character-set = utf8
init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'
character-set-server = utf8

default-character-set = utf8
in your MySQL configutration file.

5 reasons why your app might be rejected at apple review process

This is a very old blog post, information here might not be valid anymore.


I recently posted my first app to app store and already get rejected ( after 8 days of waiting for someone to look into my app ). Here are 5 tips which will help you avoid rejection and additional time required to review your app :

1. If your app requires login remember to provide demo account. If your up supports multiple types of login like facebook, twitter or normal login for registration in app provide both in review comments and normal credentials in demo account fields. My first app supports Facebook and normal login and I get rejected because I provide Facebook credentials and apple reviewer tried to put them into normal login (even I mention this in “review comments” that they are for Facebook Login)

2. Remember to try your app in offline mode. If your app is typical online tool, display nice massage to user that he should be connected to WIFI/3g and allow them to reconnect.

3. App versioning. Your app should have version higher than 1.0 also you better not use anywhere word beta because your app can be considered as unfinished.

4. Apple want you to pay 30% of all transactions related to your app so don’t try to put purchase button anywhere. You have to set price to your app or use In App purchase.

5. Test, test and one more time test. If your app crashes or causes memory leaks it will be rejected even you display nice information that something goes wrong. Remember that you can always test on hardware or use ad-hoc distribution to let your friends test.

Remember :
After you get rejected by apple to continue review process you must confirm your changes by clicking at button located at app page which confirms that you made changes. Your app will be again in a review, this can take again several days. In some cases, your app will need re upload through Application Loader.